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 · 篠原雅也 (ギタリスト、作曲家、ギターインストラクター)
   高校卒業後数年経った後、アメリカLA, Musicians Institute GITに入学。様々な音楽とギタープレイを学ぶ。
   Musicians Institute GIT卒業後、自己のインストバンドThickやその他様々なところで活動中。
   また2003年よりMusicians Institute Tokyo GIT講師、個人ギターレッスンなどギターインストラクターとしても活動中。

   2013年、自己のインストバンドThick 1stアルバムを発表。

 ·  Masaya Shinohara (Guitarist, Composer, Guitar Instructor)
   I was born and raised in Japan. and I started playing the guitar at age 12.
   When I was a teenager, I was playing hard rock/metal with rock band.
   I attended the Musicians Institute at LA in a few years after graduating from high school and graduated from
   the Musicians Institute '02.
   I've played with various people, different bands at the JP and US.
   And now, I'm playing with my instrumental Rock band "Thick" and supporting, writing, arrangement songs for various people
   in around Tokyo.
   also I'm working at Musicians Institute Tokyo as an guitar instructor from '03.

   In 2013 my instrumental Rock band "Thick" released 1st album.

   I like Ramen, ethnic food, MMA, Beer, photography, playing music and lighter time.